Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News Flash

It's been ages-what with two years of (not so) frenzied preparations for JEE and all-and most of y'all have probably forgotten all about this humble page, but this is just to inform:
With a whole new [out]look and some new realizations to share-We're Back!
And how.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Life-That tiny spark...that unexplained, unknown energy...the only thing that differentiates you from that which is dead, non-living...
Life-The journey that we must make, each and every one of us, the most important journey EVER-from a single tiny inconsequential cell, to a withered, decaying, inconsequential corpse...
Life-A continuous struggle, an unending path...yet a single, infinitesimal flash of light in the endless void of Eternity...
Life-The blessing of Pleasure, the curse of Pain...


We live, all of us...what choice do we have? We run, frenzied and panicked, searching everywhere we can for happiness, knowing somewhere, deep down inside, that our time is running out. Controlled by fear, as the end draws inexorably near, we search harder, run harder...little knowing that we run not away, but towards that end.
And finally, when we do reach it, we realize that we have found nothing...that we have thrown away everything we had...and in that moment, that last moment of our existence, we wonder. At the pointlessness of everything. At our lack of true, permanent purpose. At the incomprehensible, purely illogical meaning of the thing they call-

[Yes, nothing here is permanent. Everything changes. Everything disappears. Every single thing all of us are struggling to gain is eventually going to end up in meaningless oblivion.
Body. Mind. Possessions. Power. Fame. Happiness. Family. Children. Country. Organization. Society. Civilization. The Human Race itself.
There was a time before all of these things existed, and there will be a time after them, too. So why exist at all? Why go through so much pain, so much effort, in order to achieve-nothing?
Look above. Look beyond. Stop just existing, just going with the flow. Think. Question.
"Who am i?"
"Why am i here?"
"Where am i heading?"
Ask, and you shall find answers. But open your eyes, realize the need for answers, and ask.]